The EMyth Business Coaching Model

Build a System Dependent Business with Coach Content Context

Building a system dependent (not Owner dependent) business

Does your company have effectively designed and documented systems in place?

Do you know what systems your business needs?

Operations manuals for each position on your organization chart?

Many business owners don't understand why they can't get their employees to do things they want them to do. It's usually due to the lack of properly documented systems.

Employees perform better with systems and are happier and more engaged with their work. Systems also serve as your company's training materials. With the right systems and the right people, your business is no longer dependent on you.

Not all coaches or coaching relationships are created equal. Learn more about why the EMyth Coaching Model is so effective in this blog: The only business coaching model that works.


My extensive training as an EMyth-Certified Coach combined with my background owning and operating a small businesses can help other owners understand what it's like to develop a business strategy, manage people, make financial decisions, find new customers and deliver the goods.


EMyth's 100 + system design processes are designed for small business owners to master and systematize seven key areas - leadership, marketing, finance, management, lead generation, lead conversion and customer fulfillment.


Nobody knows your business better than you do. Your experience and insights are part of the mix and make the application and implementation of the EMyth Coaching Program work.

Let's systemize your business for greater value and success

Systematized businesses have processes in place to hire the right people based on a culture of ownership, a deep understanding by employees to deliver on the company's promise to their customers and to achieve the personal and business objectives of each and every business owner. Along the way the company value increases substantially due to the business being systemaized and not being dependent on the owner.

EMyth Seven Essential Systems for Leadership Pie Chart

EMyth Business Coaching Program

EMyth pioneered the business coaching industry over 40 years ago, and knows what it takes to help owners build a successful business. The EMyth Business Coaching Program brings together a comprehensive curriculum, proven processes for developing systems in your business, and the personalized guidance of an EMyth-Certified Business Coach to not only support the growth of your business, but also the growth of its leader - you.

The EMyth Coaching Program is a one-of-a-kind, systematic process for developing a business that delights customers, provides a meaningful workplace, and serves your life - in other words, a business that works. You don't have to imagine it, it's on your horizon. The EMyth Coaching Program is the vehicle that will take you there and as your EMyth-Certified Business Coach, I am the expert navigator providing you with a roadmap, helping you plan your route, and guiding you to stay on course.

The Seven Essential Systems

The heart of the EMyth Coaching Program - the EMyth Roadmap - is a step-by-step series of processes, built around the Seven Essential Systems, that cover every part of your business. Each process is designed to solve a distinct problem or create a specific system to help you and your business grow, enabling you to make real change in your business.

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