Introduction to EMyth: Reimagine Your Business

Many business owners start with a passion to work for themselves. It isn’t until they begin to juggle all of the operational “hats” to keep the business they realize they don’t know what they don’t know.

EMyth has helped over 70,000 clients in 145 countries create the businesses they want. We have a proven business development system that you can learn to apply. So start creating the business you want by attending this introductory presentation. Click the link for more info


Management Impossible: Creating a Culture That Manages Itself

Part of becoming a more effective manager is questioning your assumptions about what you think management is all about. The prevailing - and still traditional viewpoint - relies on a misguided philosophy of using carrots and/or sticks to get employees to engage, perform and care as much as owners and shareholders. That approach doesn’t work. At least not for the long term.

At this workshop you will learn how EMyth managers work on the business from the inside out and create the conditions for people to thrive and produce great results. You will see how to develop the “people systems” first to create a culture of ownership, supported by a dynamic and fully-realized management system. Click the link for more info


You’re Fired: Challenge Yourself to Become a Real Business Leader

The kind of fearlessness you need as a business leader is not an attitude, it’s an inner orientation. Simply put – evolving your business has everything to do with discovering aspects of yourself that are outside of your awareness today. This process takes courage.

The leadership workshop is about reimagining the relationships you have with your employees, your customers, and most importantly, yourself. It’s about creating a business culture that other leaders gravitate to – managers and employees alike – because they see that you’re strong and smart enough to know you can’t do it alone. Click the link for more info