The EMyth Coaching System

If you're frustrated with your business, you've come to the right place. Using the EMyth Coaching System, you'll understand why some small businesses don't work and identify the things that you can do to change that.

Get what you want out of life

Over the past 40 years, EMyth has been solving every frustration a business owner can face. Now you can have all the freedom, joy, life and money you deserve.

An honest evaluation of your business

I'll help you see how transforming your business starts with getting real about what's not working today, to finally have a place for your anxiety and overwhelm, so you can get a fresh perspective and start building for the future.

Let's find solutions to your problems

EMyth provides a whole ecosystem to support you, the entrepreneur. Most of the problems you face are issues that have been faced a thousand times over already, by other business owners who understand what you're going through. There are solutions to these issues and I'll work with you to find those solutions.

Find balance in your work / personal life

EMyth believes that your business should serve your life and not the other way around. Your business can be the passionate expression of who you are, where people line up to join you. From Leadership to Support to Marketing, EMyth is a proven path, tailored to your needs.

The Seven Dynamics

As your EMyth coach, I'll guide you through EMyth's process of structured business development in each of the Seven Business Dynamics. Working in concert, these Dynamics create a single, high-performing system: your successful business.

Seven Dynamics of EMyth Coaching from Crisafulli Buisness Coaching

Find out how EMyth can help your small business

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