Customized Business Coaching

Wouldn't it be great to have someone to lean on when business gets tough? Someone who has the experience to answer tough questions and provide actionable advice that gets results? Jim Crisafulli is that someone and he's here to assist you through every phase of your business.

Coaching for Startups

Business Coaching for Startups from Jim Crisafulli, Business Coach

Checking on the feasibility of your business idea

Assistance with development of your business plan

Understanding and working through the "nuts and bolts" of creating a new entity

Bypass costly mistakes and leapfrog to early success, sustainability, sellability, and succession

Coaching for Businesses From Infancy to Maturity

Improve Your Financial IQ

Learn how to set up an effective financial reporting system from the get-go

Understand how to interpret and analyze your financial scorecard

Use your improved financial IQ for quantitative business management decision making and planning

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Facilitation of a strategic planning session with your leadership team

On-going support with the execution of your strategic plan

Succession Planning

What's the Endgame?

  • Family succession
  • Management buy out
  • Sell the business
  • Merger or acquisition

Development of a Succession Plan

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