Why EMyth?

70,000 Clients. 35 Years. 120 Transformational Processes.

We know that business isn't linear. It’s a complex system of people and systems that are all evolving at the same time. To build a great business - to get out of survival mode - you need an outside perspective to help you see it clearly, someone who’ll call it like it is and who won’t waste your time and money with band-aids and tricks.

EMyth wrote the book on systematization. Literally.  And we know from experience that systems are the result of great leadership, not the cause. We’ll help you see how transforming your business starts with getting real about what’s not working today, to finally have a place for your anxiety and overwhelm, so you can get a fresh perspective and start building for the future.


Everyone needs support

But it's not just a set lessons or cold business processes.  We have created a business community centered around a very specific set of values: ownership, caring and accountability.  

EMyth provides a whole ecosystem to support you, the entrepreneur.  Most of the problems you face are issues that have been faced a hundred or a thousand times over already, by other business owners who understand what you're going through. There are solutions to these issues. But beyond just our tools, coaching and lessons there is an entire EMyth community to provide you with support and networking opportunities to help you get through the tough patches that every business owner faces from time to time.  You are not alone.


EMyth's values

As noted above, EMyth is built around a core set of values: ownership, caring and accountability.

EMyth believes that your business should serve your life, and not the other way around. Your business can be the passionate expression of who you are, where people line up to join you.  We can help get you there.

From Leadership to Support to Marketing, EMyth is a proven path, tailored to your needs.


The Seven Dynamics

Your EMyth coach will guide you through EMyth's process of structured business development in each of the Seven Business Dynamics:  Leadership, Branding, Finance, Management, Delivery, Sales, and Marketing.  Working in concert, these Dynamics create a single, high-performing system: your successful business.

For more information about the EMyth process click here to read the EMyth Business Development Path (downloadable PDF).   

To learn more about what you can expect to achieve from working with an EMyth Business Coach, click here to read the Coaching Outcomes (downloadable PDF).



I felt compelled to share that the EDMs (Employee Development Meetings) have quickly and routinely been the most useful management tools I’ve experienced. I had 3 over the last two days and every single time, there is a part of the conversation that I can clearly see has just averted a future difficulty, just by simply providing the forum to talk openly. More often than not I can also see that these EDMs help sustain engagement and excitement through simple validation, encouragement, and listening. It’s amazing and I’m so grateful for the information and inspiration to bring this to our team!